At TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable medications. No one should ever have to choose between filling a prescription and feeding their family. That’s why TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS exists, and why our team is so passionate about the work we do.

Through a strong commitment to our patients and strong relationships with donors and pharmaceutical companies, TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS is able to lower the cost of medications to make them affordable to those who need them most. Our pharmacy and patient contact center, located in Burke, Virginia, is staffed by more than 60 licensed pharmacists and patient care advocates. Since 2010, TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS has served more than 210,000 patients in the US and worldwide territories.


We are a fully-licensed nonprofit mail order pharmacy.

What do we offer?

TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS offers more than 600 medication strengths that cover most chronic diseases. Since we are a mail order pharmacy, we are able to ship medications directly to our patients’ homes. To make it simple and cost-effective for our patients, we usually ship enough medication for 90 or 180 days at a time.

Who is eligible?

TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS is available to qualifying individuals and families. Patients can quickly check their Eligibility online. Patients can be on Medicare, Medicaid or other health insurance and still receive medications from TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS.


Patients or their advocates can complete a simple enrollment process online, by phone, or with our paper application. Once we receive the patient’s prescription, we’ll do the rest. Medications are generally received about a week after prescriptions are approved. When it’s time to for a patient to refill their prescription, we’ll send a reminder.

How much does it cost?

Through TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS, patients pay an affordable price for medications. There are no additional enrollment fees, membership fees, or standard shipping fees.

Will TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS save patients money?

Since 2010, TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS has saved our patients more than $320 million on their prescription medications. Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much can be saved on specific medications.

Providing access to affordable medications to those who need it isn’t just our job… it’s our passion. Explore TERRANO PHARMACEUTICALS` to learn more about how we are changing lives through our mission every single day.

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